About Us

St. Cloud Orthopedics FaciltyOur Mission

We provide our patients with complete musculoskeletal health care. It’s our goal to improve the quality, cost, and access of care for our patients and their families.

Our History

St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates, Ltd. was founded in 1955 by Dr. Edward LaFond, who brought the orthopedic specialty to Central Minnesota.

In 1977, we opened our Physical Therapy department to care for musculoskeletal injuries. Six years later, the Orthopedic Sports Center was opened to provide physical and sports therapy and athletic training services throughout Minnesota. We added the High Energy Advanced Training (H°E°A°T°) Program in 1999 to help athletes excel in their physical performance.

We look forward to developing an open, honest, and trusting relationship with you. Come and see why Central Minnesota makes us their first choice for orthopedic care. Contact us for more information.

Our Facility – Designed with you in mind

Our 60,000 square foot facility in Sartell is your home for nationally recognized orthopedic care. It’s easier to get to, easier to get around in, and even better for the environment.

The expanded floor plan allows us to keep all our clinical practices on one floor. There’s more space for our rehab and sports medicine areas and fewer stairs and elevators to navigate.

Our building is LEED certified, built according to green practices with local materials. It includes eco-friendly features like natural lighting and geothermal heating and cooling to meet energy efficiency standards.

Come see us at 1901 Connecticut Ave. S., Sartell, MN.