Learn about our General Orthopedic treatments for joint replacement and trauma, and the specialized services we provide at our Knee and Shoulder Clinic, Hand Center, Spine Center, and Foot and Ankle Clinic.
With an extensive knowledge of sports medicine, the Orthopedic Sports Center provides physical and sports therapy and athletic training services to Central Minnesota.
Our HºEºAºTº Program (High Energy Advanced Training) has been completed by hundreds of athletes from junior high to the professional and Olympic level. Any sport, any athlete–we’ll help you train to be your best.


Ignite Your Potential

Athlete completes plyometrics exercises as part of the High Energy Advanced Training (HEAT) Program.

The High Energy Advanced Training (HEAT) Program is a comprehensive program designed to enhance and restore flexibility, strength, power, speed, and cardiovascular conditioning based on sound scientific and medical principles.

HEAT Sport-Specific Programs have been completed by hundreds of athletes—from junior high to the professional and Olympic level. Our athletes participate in traditional as well as non-traditional sports (such as motocross and snowcross).

Each Sport-Specific Program is broken down into 5 areas of focus:

  • Strength training
  • Running/skating treadmill
  • Plyometrics
  • Core stability
  • Flexibility

The HEAT Wellness Program is for anyone who wants to achieve personal wellness goals–whether it’s beginning an exercise program, reaching a sports-related goal, or improving overall health and fitness.

Whatever your level of play, we’ll help you train and reach your conditioning goals.

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