10 Little Ways to Get Moving This Spring


According to the calendar, spring has officially sprung. And after such a long winter, it’s time to get moving. Here are 10 “activities” that also pass as low-impact exercises—you might even call them fun!

  1. Walk.
    The easiest and most obvious, yes. But we can’t deny that walking is one of the best low-impact movements you can take part in. Walk purposefully throughout your neighborhood, or weave extra steps into your day by choosing the least convenient parking space and opting for stairs when you can.
  2. Rake.
    Once your lawn is showing signs of growth, it’s ready for a little TLC. The great thing about raking and yard work is that you don’t need to do it all at once. Just ten minutes at a time will give you and your turf major benefits.
  3. Bike.
    Great for your knees and other joints, biking can be as casual as you want it to be. And if you don’t own your own set of wheels, head to a bike rental place or use a stationary bike at a gym or community center.
  4. Play.
    Go to the park, fly a kite, break out the badminton set, chase the kids, shoot some hoops. It all counts!
  5. Stretch.
    Yoga can sound like a different world if you’re not familiar with it. But there are a lot of basic moves that everyone can benefit from. For one, try the cat/cow. Start on your hands and knees and slowly change from arching your back (cat) to doing the opposite (cow). Easy stretches like these are great for your joints and can be surprisingly relaxing.
  6. Sightsee.
    Go to the zoo, go to the mall, go to an art crawl, go to a museum, go to a new city or landmark. Exploring new places usually means lots of walking—and you’ll have many an opportunity for a picturesque selfie along the way!
  7. Swim.
    Sure, it’s too cold to jump in the lake. But when we talk about low-impact, the pool is the way to go. Try your local YMCA or community center’s indoor pool for a day and see what water aerobics are all about, or just take a few laps around.
  8. Dance.
    This one’s simple—crank the music and move your body. If you’re in your own living room, no one even has to see! But just five minutes of grooving can burn up to 30 calories and put a smile on your face, if not a full-on belly laugh!
  9. Golf.
    As soon as those greens open, get your gear and go. It’s one of the best lifelong activities—for movement and for socializing. And if the full course isn’t your thing, there’s always the mini version.
  10. Make.
    Get busy in your garage and create something with your own two hands—whether it’s a shelf for organizing, or what will become your new front porch decor, the important thing is that you’re not sitting still.

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