10 Questions With Dr. Jason Kelly, Spine Surgeon


Dr. Jason Kelly—one of our three spine specialists—has been with the Spine Center here at St. Cloud Orthopedics since September of 2015. In his brief video below, he talks about how he works with patients to determine the right kind of spine treatment for them—which for 80-90% of cases does not involve surgery. Check it out and continue reading through his interview to get an idea of what it might be like to receive care from our Spine Center.


1) Common symptoms or conditions that patients who need specialty spine care might be experiencing?

  • Pain extending from the neck into the arms and back into the legs.

2) First thing you’d do for them when they come in?

  • Ask questions about their symptoms and perform an examination to make sure their issues are stemming from their neck or back.

3) Surgery vs Non-operative care – how do you decide what’s best for the patient?

  • Non-operative care is almost always best. However, if the pain does not improve in a reasonable amount of time, surgery may be an option to consider.

4) Who else within the clinic might your patients interact with?

  • They might see Dan Turnblom, my Physician Assistant. We also work very closely with the physical therapists.

5) What’s one specific advantage St. Cloud Orthopedics can offer spine patients?

  • Having other musculoskeletal specialists in the office expedites treatment should it be determined the pain is not coming from the spine.

6) Your favorite thing about working at St. Cloud Orthopedics?

  • I really like the efficiency of having imaging, therapy, nerve conduction testing (EMG), and bracing all on-site.

7) What measures do you take to ensure the most optimal recovery experience for patients?

  • Education on what to expect prior to surgery goes a long way. I also encourage patients to call should anything come up after surgery that they were not expecting.

8) Typical number of procedures you perform?

  • I perform between 15 and 20 surgeries a month.

9) One of your favorite patient success stories (without using identifying information), in which you know your work impacted and improved someone’s quality of life?

  • One comment that has stuck with me was from a pastor who told me his legs felt 40 years younger after surgery.

10) Number 1 tip for keeping your spine strong and healthy?

  • Staying active is key. Low impact exercise and eating right go a long way as well.

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