Advanced Orthopedic Care: Technology + Service


Dr. Joseph P. Nessler has 26 years of orthopedic experience with our clinic, and the average age of his patients is now about 20 years younger than when he first started.

“People aren’t willing anymore at age 50 or 60 to just accept that they have arthritis, and be told to slow down,” said Nessler. “They want to get back to their active life.”

The reason we’re able to make that happen is partly due to what’s now possible for patients. We have implants that last longer, and that can put up with the demands of patients.

It’s also due to technology, and the surgeons who are dedicated to putting that technology to work to improve a patient’s outcome.

“We’re very fortunate here in Central Minnesota to be able to have the investment, the technology, and the commitment of our surgeons to utilize the technology that can improve people’s lives,” said Nessler.

St. Cloud Orthopedics is consistently in the top 50 orthopedic programs nationwide.

Nessler explains that we have always embraced advanced technology, and that all of our surgeons are continually willing to learn and improve their techniques.

Dr. Mitchell D. Kuhl, current President of St. Cloud Orthopedics agrees. “We’re a very technology-driven organization,” he said. “We’re always on the cutting edge of using technology with surgery to help patients improve and return to their previous quality of life, or better.”

To provide this high level of care right here at home, St. Cloud Orthopedics combines personalized treatment with advanced technology, as well as the convenience of having all specialties and imaging equipment under one roof.

But the care here is not always surgery-based. In fact, we usually begin our care by reviewing nonsurgical treatment options, including weight loss, injections, and physical therapy—including the use of our AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. We also offer Regenerative Medicine—a holistic, nonsurgical treatment option that has the potential to heal joints by way of a patient’s own stem cells.

When it does come to surgical options, St. Cloud Orthopedics has been utilizing robotic navigation for quite some time. With robotics, the robot isn’t in charge, but it assists our surgeons in providing surgical care for the patient. It allows for accuracy, precision, reproducibility, and safety.

One of our longtime advocates for robotic-assisted surgery, Dr. Eric W. Green, is excited for additional technological advancements in the world of orthopedics.

“There are incredible, and really exciting things happening with robotic assistance,” said Green. “The accumulation of our experience and treatment expertise ultimately helps each individual patient be able to lead a healthier life.”

To set up a consultation with one of our specialists here at St. Cloud Orthopedics, please contact our clinic for an appointment.