Celebrating Senior Health and Fitness


We all know that exercise is important to our overall health, but it can get a little more difficult to do certain types of exercise as our bodies age. Still, there are many ways that seniors can get active and stay healthy. From increased mobility and overall body comfort, physical activity (no matter your age) has many benefits! Here are some tips and guidelines for seniors who want to get active:

Ease Into it

Some of us may find it easier than others to ease into a new workout routine. Regardless of age, it’s easy to get excited about starting a new workout program, but doing too much too quickly can cause far more harm than good. Injuries are a common result of over-exercising and, as UMH Senior Living reports on their blog, injury while exercising can lead to decreased mobility. The best thing seniors can do before starting a new exercise routine is to check with their doctor to make sure they are healthy enough to do so. Doctors can also give good tips on where to start.

Make it Part of Your Daily Routine

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are many benefits to gain from committing to regular exercise. These benefits include weight control, improved mood, better sleep, and better overall health. If you enroll in a fitness class, the leader will make sure that everyone is using their muscles in a way that will not hurt them. Not sure where to start to establish your ritual? Morning is the best time to start a new workout routine, especially for seniors!

Create a Balanced Exercise Plan

There are many ways to get active and stay fit, but the most important thing to keep in mind for active people of all ages is to make sure your workout is balanced. What does that mean? Do exercises that factor in balance, cardio, strength, and flexibility. Healthline.com outlines a fitness program for older adults that promotes good general fitness. Missing one of these important areas can throw your body out of whack, so it’s important to try to do a little of each one.

Getting out and being active is the most important takeaway. It’s so important for seniors to participate in some sort of exercise program to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

May 30th was National Senior Health and Fitness Day, but when it comes to exercise, people of all ages should find a routine that works for them that they can execute all year round.

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