Community Driven Partnerships Ensure the Best Care


Since our founding in 1955, St. Cloud Orthopedics has remained dedicated to providing patients with the best possible musculoskeletal healthcare. And for all 60 of those years, a key part of ensuring complete care has been the community outreach offered by the many centers in Central Minnesota that our nationally-known organization partners with.

Case in point? This upcoming April, we are offering a free presentation on knee pain at the Paramount Theater. Helping us host the event is the St. Cloud Hospital Bone and Joint Center, who we have partnered with for years. The Center is a Level 2 trauma center that give patients access to state-of-the-art care, locally.

We’re also proud to be partners with the St. Cloud Surgical Center, a place that treats patients requiring surgery with the very best comprehensive and affordable care through every step of their experience.

To fortify the care options that Central Minnesota facilities can offer to injured athletes, we are planning ways to provide even more orthopedic options right within our clinic. As of early March, we opened a new service to patients called OrthoDirect. It is the most direct route to orthopedic specialty access, and provides same-day care for urgent orthopedic injuries. This direct access is in place to help patients recover faster after receiving specialized treatment for their injuries.

Overall, the area surrounding St. Cloud is a great place to get comprehensive care for your injury—no matter when or where it is sustained. St. Cloud Orthopedics prides itself on its ability to provide you with big-city care locally, with the help of our partnering organizations. With questions on what we can do for your injury or orthopedic needs, don’t hesitate to contact us!