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Happy Retirement to TJ!

After more than 40 years of service here at St. Cloud Orthopedics—including founding our Orthopedic Sports Center—Tom Jensen, long-time Director of Physical & Occupational Therapy, has officially retired! TJ, we wish you ALL THE BEST in this new and much-deserved chapter. Thank you for all you’ve done for St. Cloud Orthopedics, our patients, and the Central MN community. We hope you enjoy every minute of retirement living!

Some of TJ’s notable career highlights include:

  • Started the Orthopedic Sports Center in 1983: TJ and another doctor started providing athletic care for local schools, which at the time wasn’t done by anyone else.
  • Introduced Physical Therapy to St. Cloud Orthopedics in 1977: TJ pioneered our current physical therapy program from the ground up, which provided a unique way for patients to be seen by both specialists and therapists all under one roof. He has grown from just himself providing PT to now a team of 25+ therapists.
  • Saw Patients for 40+ Years: TJ not only was director of PT/OT, but he also cared for patients one-on-one, developing lasting relationships with those he cared for.
  • Provided Sideline Care & Fitness Tips for Local Athletic Programs: TJ is well-known by area athletes, coaches, and athletic directors for both his sideline care at high school and college sporting events, and his fitness tip videos during hockey games. This is our first eNewsletter without one of his fitness tip videos!
  • Brought Innovative Therapy Solutions: TJ helped advocate for some of the most cutting-edge therapy options, such as GAIT analysis, our AlterG antigravity treadmill, and more.
  • Lead an Award-Winning Team of Physical & Occupational Therapists: Under TJ’s direction, St. Cloud Orthopedics has earned the title of “Best Physical Therapy” in the Best of Central MN contest numerous times, currently 6 times consecutively.
  • Patriot Award Recipient: Earlier this year, one of the members of our Occupational Therapy team who is also an active member of the military presented TJ with this award that recognizes supervisors who go above and beyond to support staff members who are involved in the military.

Chad Ritter, MPT, AT-C—another talented and dedicated long-term member of the PT staff—has stepped up as our new Director of Physical & Occupational Therapy.