HEAT – It’s More than a Workout


The HEAT program is a strength and conditioning program for anyone from a serious athlete to someone just looking to improve their fitness levels and quality of life. Athletes’ programs are geared toward the specific sport the athlete is training for to optimize performance.

Each sport has different physiological needs and many different weight training applications are used to maximize the training benefits. Plyometric workouts are also made to mimic the movements of the particular sport.

Our corporate clients, or non-athlete clientele workouts primarily focus on the body as a whole; working every major muscle group with lifting and improving cardiovascular endurance with a variety of workouts. If an individual has any particular weaknesses or areas they would like to focus on, the program can be adjusted accordingly to improve that area.

We have a low trainer-to-client ratio with HEAT that allows us to ensure safety and effectiveness throughout the workout. Clients are taught each technique they will use in the program the correct way to avoid injury and maximize the benefits.

The HEAT program is a perfect option for someone that would like to gain an edge in the sport they play and also for someone looking to have someone help them reach their fitness goals.

Learn more about the HEAT program here.

Zac Coauette, HEAT Coordinator