HEAT Program: Training Your Way To Success


Are you looking to get a leg up on the competition for your next sport season? St. Cloud Orthopedic’s High Energy Advanced Training, or HEAT, programs are a great way to maximize your body’s potential and get it ready to excel on the field. Our programs enhance and restore flexibility, strength, power, speed, and cardiovascular conditioning based on sound scientific and medical principles. In particular, the sports program focuses on five specific areas including strength training, running, plyometrics, core stability and flexibility.


Before you begin any program you’re first evaluated on your current fitness and health level. Then, our staff creates a personalized program to deliver the best results. An athlete in training can expect to learn proper lifting techniques, improve speed, power and endurance and strengthen their core. Another unique aspect of the HEAT program is its attention to plyometrics. Plyometrics training improves speed, agility, spacial awareness and explosiveness which in turn produces a top notch athlete.

hockeySo what’s the big deal? Isn’t the HEAT program like any other physical training? Unlike other programs, our fitness physiologists create a plan designed for your specific needs and goals and deliver results. The proof is in our participants. Our walls are filled with jerseys from professional athletes who’ve made it to the big leagues! Eric Decker, John Carlson and Matt Cullen to name a few.

heat workoutEven if you don’t become an all star, you can expect excellent results too. Brent K., a former HEAT participant said, “after an Achilles injury and surgery, I was looking for a way to get back into shape and needed some motivation. My physical therapist at St. Cloud Orthopedics referred me to their HEAT program. I have never felt better! I’m cycling again and still train with the HEAT program twice a week to work on strength and flexibility.”

If you’re not training for a sport, we also offer a HEAT Wellness Program designed for any fitness enthusiast who is looking for a great workout with incredible trainers. We have a wide variety of participants in the program from college aged to older adults in their 70s! Each person has specific needs and goals and an individualized program can be created to fit those needs. You get the attention you deserve and will be feeling great when you reach your goals.

Above all, our expert staff wants to see you be successful! Are you ready to ignite your potential? Have questions about our programs? Comment below!