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Message of the Month—Moving Day Tips

Springtime is a popular time to find a new abode, or even switch jobs, which leads to the inevitable carrying of heavy boxes full of all your stuff. Orthopedically speaking, here are 3 quick tips for moving day comfort:

  • Lift with your legs, and not your back. (You’ve heard it before, but it’s so true!) And when you do lift, be sure to engage your core to help keep your lower back from trying to get involved. 
  • Wear lightweight gloves to protect your hands for larger loads. Even a laundry basket can do damage if it’s heavy enough and the staircases are high enough.
  • Footwear is important. Skip the flip flops no matter how nice it is. Wear comfortable tennis shoes, ensuring the laces are tied properly. It’s hard to see every step when you’re carrying boxes, but it’s impossible to keep going if you trip and hurt your feet.