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About Us

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St. Cloud Orthopedics has been providing top specialty orthopedic care right here in Central Minnesota for nearly 70 years. Our founder, Dr. Edmond LaFond, opened our original clinic doors in 1955 with the intention of bringing orthopedic services to an underserved population.

Since then we’ve woven every aspect of orthopedic care into our multidisciplinary clinic, including the addition of a Physical Therapy department in 1977 and our Orthopedic Sports Center in 1983, which still provides sports therapy services and athletic training throughout the state of Minnesota. In 2015 we added OrthoDirect, an urgent orthopedic injury care service located right within our facility.

To this day, we continue to dedicate ourselves to bringing the very best proven orthopedic healthcare treatments, technology, procedures, equipment, providers, and methodology to the area through St. Cloud Orthopedics. With this commitment so firmly in place and our personal dedication to best patient outcomes, there is no aspect of quality orthopedic care that we don’t provide right here.

Our Mission

To continue providing our patients with complete musculoskeletal health care. It’s our goal to continually improve the quality, cost, and access of care for our patients and their families.

Our Facility

Easy to get to and comfortable to be in, our eco-friendly 60,000 square foot clinic in Sartell is nationally recognized for the care you’ll receive within our facility.

For easy wheelchair access and out of respect for healing bones and joints, all patient-related areas of the clinic are kept on the main floor.

Our building was intentionally designed to comply with green practices using local materials, including natural lighting and geothermal heating and cooling to meet energy efficiency standards. St. Cloud Orthopedics is LEED certified.

We look forward to seeing you at 1901 Connecticut Avenue South in Sartell, and in South St. Cloud!