Welcome to St. Cloud Orthopedics, where you’ll find advanced surgical and non-surgical treatment for every bone and joint in the body, all under one roof. The focus of our collaborative staff—which includes 20 orthopedic specialists and a full team of sports medicine doctors and physical therapists—is on providing each patient with personalized care that results in fast recoveries and exceptional outcomes. We’re dedicated to helping you live better.

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Learn more about your orthopedic care options by clicking the area of concern. From therapy routines and athletic care to injections and robotic-assisted surgeries, we’ll work with you to find the treatment you’re most comfortable with.

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Our team is carefully assembled with 20 of the best orthopedic surgeons available, who are openly passionate about their area of specialty. They work closely with our group of talented physician assistants to deliver complete patient care. Across the building we have a fully staffed Orthopedic Sports Center, complete with physicians, therapists, and trainers. Together with the rest of our dedicated staff, these caregivers make up a unique multidisciplinary community that brings you personalized orthopedic care options in a convenient, patient-focused setting.

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14 Facts About X-rays

X-rays were discovered by accident in 1895 by Wilhelm Conrad Röentgen, a German professor. Röentgen noticed crystals giving off a fluorescent glow when placed near a high-voltage cathode-ray tube—even when he shielded them with dark paper. Some form of energy was being produced by the tube, penetrating the paper and causing the crystals to glow. […]

Dr. Joel Shobe is Heading to the Winter Olympics

While the rest of us tune in for the 2018 Winter Olympics from the comfort of our living rooms, Dr. Joel Shobe—one of our spine surgeons—and his wife Susan will both be there in person. Dr. Shobe was asked to be on the Medical Staff of Short Track Speed Skating, while Susan will be an official with Speed […]

One-on-One with Dr. Joe Nessler

In his brief video, Dr. Joseph P. Nessler talks about how Central Minnesota has the best technology and capabilities for orthopedic patients of any age.

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At St. Cloud Orthopedics, we take a partnership approach to healthcare. We collaborate with your entire medical team including your primary care physician, hospital system, home health and rehabilitation service provider, and insurance provider to develop a personal treatment plan that will get you back to doing the things you love most as quickly as possible.

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