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Your Care

The expert specialty orthopedic care you’ll receive here at St. Cloud Orthopedics covers every bone and joint in the entire musculoskeletal system. Some patients need care from more than one specialist, which is why the providers at St. Cloud Orthopedics routinely confer with each other to create personalized care plans that ensure you receive the thorough attention your body deserves. At your first appointment, we’ll want to hear your goals—whether they be to start biking again at age 70, to stay in the game at age 17, or to simply return to your normal daily activities. This will become our shared focus as we get you back to doing what you love.

Robotic-assisted Surgery

With robotics, the skill of the surgeon is still in control, but assisted by the navigation of the technology. This allows for improved reproducibility, accuracy, precision, and safety. Because of its tissue-sparing benefits, these types of surgical procedures are becoming more and more outpatient based, allowing you the ability to literally walk out the door and go home that same day—if this technique matches your needs.

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill was originally developed using NASA-based technology. It works by supporting up to 80% of the user’s weight during walking or running, thereby reducing stress and impact on the body. This results in pain-free, comfortable motion during physical therapy following an injury or a procedure. This piece of equipment can be used in our clinic to get you up and moving again faster than traditional recovery methods.

GAIT Analysis

The use of GAIT (Gait Analysis Interval Testing) lets us review your natural step pattern and detect any arch-related issues in your feet and lower extremities. From the data we gather in this fast test, we can create custom orthotics to help relieve foot pain, while our physical therapists can work with you to correct the situation further.

Patient Testimonial

Tracy shares her experience as a patient of Dr. Hwang here at St. Cloud Orthopedics.