I was so impressed by the care I received from Dr. Sigurdson and St. Cloud Orthopedics! In January of 2016, I had my first bunion removal surgery and I finished the second one in December. Both surgeries went excellent and were relatively pain free. My feet look normal now, and I have a restored quality of life! I am so grateful for Dr. Sigurdoson’s kindness, expertise, professionalism, and genuine care. I highly recommend both her and St. Cloud Orthopedics.

Amy H.

Bunion Surgery

After being involved in a motorcycle accident in October of 2016, I was taken to the ER at St. Cloud Hospital where Dr. Hiesterman immediately began treating me for Tiba/Fibula fractures. Through two surgeries and rehabilitation, my care from Dr. Hiesterman was more than excellent. His compassion and genuine determination to get me walking again made me feel like I was his only patient. On a follow-up appointment to see him at St. Cloud Orthopedics five months later, I walked in with no crutches or cane, and a heart filled with appreciation! What an amazing physician.

Michele G.

Orthopedic Trauma Care

I’m glad I took Dr. McIver’s advice and had the procedure done. The surgery has really helped me in terms of back pain and range of motion and in general I’m feeling a lot better. I would definitely recommend Dr. McIver to anyone considering back surgery.

Mitchell S.

Back Surgery

One of the reasons I really love St. Cloud Orthopedics for the care my mom is receiving is that the doctors really take the time to get to know us and are always concerned with how my mom is feeling. Over the two years my mom has been a patient of Dr. Sigurdson she’s really gotten to know our family and I think that says a lot because not all doctors are willing to take the time to do that.


Routine Check-ups

The staff at St. Cloud Orthopedics are great, they are very hands on, helpful, and friendly. They try and be your friend and it’s clear they aren’t here to just do their job. I also love the physical therapy resources they have because they have a lot of different things that helped rebuild my knee and gain back the muscle I lost.

Mitchell R.

ACL Surgery

My surgery was performed by Dr. Hwang and he made it clear he was always available. He told me to call anytime and was very open to answering all my questions. My range of motion after surgery improved dramatically, especially with the help of physical therapy, which was always a positive experience and helped get me back to the activity level I was at pre-surgery.

Tracy N.

Shoulder Surgery

Our son broke his arm in January, needing a plate, screws, and a flexible nail put in through his elbow (he’s only 10 so you can imagine how scary THAT was). We ended up with Dr. Hiesterman being on call at the hospital and what a calming experience that was! We could not be happier with the care and concern given not only to our son, but to us in the process. We’re ever so grateful.

Angela S.

Broken Arm