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Sip Up! 5 Reasons Your Bones & Joints Need Water

Summer is here, and all kinds of fun outdoor activities are calling. Hiking, running, biking, and all the other ways you like to move are great ways to get active this time of year. The warmth of summer sure can be nice, but prolonged exposure to heat also puts a strain on the body.

Amid all of the action to be had outdoors or indoors, we must remember to remain hydrated. Water is an essential element for us, with the body being composed of around 70% of it. Your bones and joints especially need water. Here are 5 reasons why.

Joints Need Lubrication

Water is a key part of synovial fluid, a thick liquid that assists in smooth joint movement by being a gel-like cushion between bones. When you’re regularly drinking water, your joints will stay moving freely because you’re providing a fresh water supply that acts as a lubricant in the synovial fluid.

Less Water Can Mean Joint Pain

Without the amounts of water that’s key to synovial fluid, joints have less of cushion between the bones, potentially leading to rough movement that causes pain. Staying hydrated also helps prevent damage to the cartilage and other parts of the joints, which is important because cartilage doesn’t heal like other tissue found in the body.

Keeps Muscle Around Joints Built Up

Muscles are made up of 75% water. They need consistent water replenishment to receive and build structure from the protein they need. Healthy, well-hydrated muscles protect joints and keep them properly in place.

Water Carries What Bones & Joints Need

We intake nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy. But those nutrients need to be carried to where they need to go, and water is what helps them get there. With sufficient water supply, your bones and joints will get the calcium and other nutrients they need to stay working like they should.

Your Body is Always Using Water

In addition to your bones and joints, other vital parts of your body are always using water such as organs, tissue, and metabolism. Your body’s supply of water is continuously being depleted because of the many processes your body maintains. So keep on sipping water to ensure your bones and joints get their fair share.

Whether you enjoy getting outside in that Summer sun or are staying indoors, hydration is key to better health, especially for your bones and joints. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water in regular intervals, and keep a bottle of water nearby for easy sipping on-the-go.

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