Podiatry advancements are numerous


Exercising is on the mind of most individuals as they are trying to stick to their resolutions. While aerobic exercise is important, low impact exercises are often the better choice. This will decrease the risk of injury and provide long-term health benefits. However, do not underestimate the importance of aerobic and strength training to enhance flexibility and balance of muscle groups, as proven by recent research. A balanced exercise program will also decrease overuse injuries.

Many people also benefit from custom-molded orthotics as a support for the axial skeleton. Custom-molded orthotics are now available in accommodative styles – much more tolerated and therefore successful than previous rigid versions.

For athletic shoes the trend toward minimalistic shoes has proved problematic because of a lack of support for the structure of your foot during exercise. It is recommended to use a supportive flexible athletic shoe – fit with inserts if additional control or support is needed.

Advancements in footwear has made it easy and enjoyable to wear supportive, correctly fitted shoes all the time, not just while exercising. St. Cloud has local shoe stores that can fit these shoes no matter the dress code.

Other advances in foot and ankle care include:

  • Less invasive techniques have made surgery for plantar fasciitis/tendonitis conditions more successful with less downtime.
  • Advances in hammertoe repair surgery have increased success rates of even very contracted and dislocated digits.
  • Foot and ankle deformities, which previously required surgery, are now being treated with more conservative methods successfully. These deformities can avoid surgery if treated early.

A premier foot and ankle physician has the ability to offer a holistic approach to foot health. The foot is the base of the entire body and will allow for movement, maintenance of independence and healthy activity when it is cared for effectively. This is important information to remember when looking for a podiatrist.