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Tom’s Patient Story: Knee Replacement

15 years after a total knee replacement surgery, Tom Stachowski completed a cross-country biking adventure with a friend. In 2003 he was treated at St. Cloud Orthopedics by Dr. Mulawka, and he was inspired to share this story with us. Take a look at his highlight photos and read his best memories of this unforgettable trip. Congratulations to you, Tom! #LiveBetter #StCloudOrthopedics  

“Our bike ride across the United States was a truly memorable event. First we dipped our back tires into the Pacific near Seaside, Oregon, before climbing out of that coastal town. It was late in the afternoon—we were tired and had 50+ miles to ride. Excitement helped us get up that first major climb.

I remember climbing Roger’s Pass to cross the Rockies and all the warning that locals and tourists gave us about ‘how crazy we were to attempt the crossing and climb.’ We made it to the top without stopping.

I remember riding into St. Joe on the Wobegon Trail and seeing our family and friends waiting to greet us and welcome us home from the 1st half of the adventure.

It was wonderful to tip our front tires in the Mississippi to signal the stopping point of the first half of our trip.

Riding alongside of Niagara Falls was beyond belief. Scenery was spectacular and we could feel the mist from the falls.

Probably the most difficult part were the mountain climbs in New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Short and steep. That did not play well to our liking.

And of course, dipping our tires in the Atlantic in Portland, Maine. A truly remarkable trip, filled with fun, great memories, and a sense of accomplishment.”

—Tom Stachowski, Age 70
Patient of Dr. Mulawka at St. Cloud Orthopedics
Received a left total knee arthroplasty in 2003