Walking on air: New technology creates weightless rehabilitation option at St. Cloud Orthopedics


The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is the latest available technology in rehabilitation and fitness training, and is now in place right here at St. Cloud Orthopedics. Using NASA-patented Differential Air Pressure technology that unweights the user, this revolutionary device makes it possible for those with an injury to continue training and getting the benefits of exercise as they heal.

St. Cloud Orthopedics chose the Pro200 model, designed specifically for sports injury, physical therapy, and athletic training, although any user will benefit from the weightless technology provided by the device. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill works by supporting up to 80% of the user’s weight during walking or running, thereby reducing stress and impact on the body. This results in pain-free, comfortable motion.

“The ability to shave off valuable recovery time and help our athletes get back in the game in a safe yet efficient way is the main reason we decided to offer the AlterG technology,” said St. Cloud Orthopedics Practice Administrator Bill Worzala. “Ultimately, it opens up new, non-invasive healing and recovery options for anyone needing rehabilitation therapy.”
Because the AlterG makes it possible to safely train through an injury, athletes restore strength and heal at a faster rate than utilizing traditional rehabilitation methods alone.

The world of professional sports is also reaping the benefits of the AlterG technology. The Minnesota Timberwolves training center houses this equipment, and their guard, Ricky Rubio, used it to work through his sprained ankle injury last December. Rubio began playing again in early February, little more than two months after he acquired his serious injury.

AlterG rehabilitation is recommended for any orthopedic-related condition, such as ACL injuries, plantar fascia tears, stress fractures, reconstructive surgery, or Achilles tendon injuries, just to name a few. As a more general benefit, the machine also encourages users to push past old limits, and could help burn more calories because users are able to exercise longer, farther, or faster than usual. So no matter your wellness or fitness goals, the machine can help you achieve them.

To learn more about the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, visit alterg.com. For inquiries about the machine at St. Cloud Orthopedics, call 320-259-4100.