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You love sunshine, & your bones love Vitamin D

Sun is a hot commodity here in Central Minnesota (pun intended, especially after the longest winter ever!), but did you know that your bones need it too? Healthy bones need Vitamin D to stay strong. Assuming you’re doing the right thing and wearing SPF 30 or higher all year, you can help your beautiful skeleton get what it needs by altering your diet to ensure you consume enough absorbable Vitamin D goodness. The trick is getting calcium at the same time, so mix and match the following:

  • Fortified dairy, like milk, cheese, yogurt (calcium and D)
  • Eggs with yolks (D)
  • Greens like spinach and kale (calcium)
  • Healthy yet fatty fish like salmon (D)
  • Fortified cereal or orange juice (D and/or calcium)
  • Supplements, when approved by your doctor (D with or without calcium)
  • Beans and lentils (calcium)