Regenerative Medicine

Holistic Healing for Joint Pain

For the person who has tried other nonsurgical treatments, such as injections and physical therapy, but who isn’t ready for surgery, Regenerative Medicine from St. Cloud Orthopedics offers a holistic approach to healing joint pain.

Regenerative Medicine uses your body’s own healing power to regain mobility and strengthen joints and tissue that have been damaged recently or in the past.

Regenerative Cell Therapy is at the heart of Regenerative Medicine—which uses your own stem cells, gently taken from your body’s reserve of adipose (fat) tissue. From even the small amount needed to ignite this process, those stem cells go to work repairing painful joint conditions.

At St. Cloud Orthopedics, Regenerative Medicine is a non-surgical, non-pharmacological treatment that allows your own adult stem cells to repair injured tissues, reduce inflammation, and potentially provide long-term pain relief. This holistic type of therapy has been shown to be effective for those who:

  • have chronic degenerative conditions, like arthritis
  • have acute injuries and are looking for a faster recovery
  • have tried other conventional treatments without adequate relief
  • want to explore options other than surgery
  • are trying to return to a specific activity or sport
  • suffer from joint pain that affects everyday life

Regenerative Cell Therapy involves a minimally-invasive outpatient stem cell procedure, which starts with the collection of a modest amount of adipose (fat) tissue—usually from your midsection or “love handles.” Within minutes, the adipose tissue is prepared by our clinicians and is redelivered to the area in need of therapy. From there, your body’s natural healing process takes over, and you’ll go home that same day with minimal recovery limitations set by our Regenerative Medicine specialists—musculoskeletal experts who will guide your care from start to finish.

5 Fast Facts About Regenerative Cell Therapy

  1. Your body’s fat tissue holds stem cells. And those stem cells haven’t decided what to do yet. Therefore, when even a small amount is moved to a site that’s damaged or in pain, the cells go to work repairing as necessary.
  2. This is an outpatient procedure, meaning you go home within hours of checking in. Recovery is fairly fast, risks are extremely low, and pain is minimal.
  3. Stem cells are regulated by the FDA. We’re 100% compliant and strictly follow all FDA regulations.
  4. The research is exploding. Although Regenerative Medicine is relatively new, there are thousands of published studies relating to this field of medicine, with hundreds of studies on the use of stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP) in orthopedics. Because of the extremely positive results patients are experiencing, especially with regards to orthopedic conditions like arthritis, Regenerative Medicine continues to be a focus of intense interest amongst researchers.
  5. It’s also about your lifestyle. You can maximize your Regenerative Medicine results by improving the way you sleep, eat, manage stress, keep active, and stretch and strengthen your body. Our specialists have gathered healthy and useful guidelines to help you adapt to the Regenerative Lifestyle so you can get the most out of the healing process.

Because Regenerative Medicine at our clinic is administered by our musculoskeletal experts here at St. Cloud Orthopedics, your health is in the best hands possible. Wondering if it’s right for you? Contact us today for a consultation appointment to get the process started. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.